Creep Pellets - Sue with Zeus

1st March 2022

When Sue Chapman purchased Zeus her traditional cob foal (at the end of August 2021) she was informed that, although he was being sold as approximately 8 months old, he was probably nearer 5 months, however Sue later found out he was much younger, she shares her story with us.

As a qualified Equine Dental Technician, I regularly examined his teeth. His lateral incisors did not start to erupt until the end of December, meaning at that point he was approximately 6 months old. Working backwards this means he was only about 8 weeks when he came to me and had been weaned over two weeks before that! Fortunately, as soon as I purchased him, I contacted our veterinary practice. They recommended that I fed him Dodson & Horrell Foal Creep. I am so glad I did, Zeus loves the pellets and has thrived, despite being weaned so young. He is happy and healthy, and Zeus and I would highly recommend your feed.

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