Elite Sport Muesli, Competition Mix, Fibre Fusion, Pasture Mix & Health Mash - Anne Morris

1st April 2021

I moved all my horses and ponies onto Dodson and Horrell feed after speaking to Samantha last summer, I was feeding a leading brand but not happy with how they all were all doing. I have since found that they are all competing with a lot more energy and are all looking and feeling so much better with better results.

I feed a maintenance balance through the week of Fibre Fusion and Pasture Mix and when competitions were on we would add in Competition Mix or more recently the Elite Sport Muesli, the sports muesli is one of the best feeds I have found as it gives the much needed energy for showjumping but does not make them spooky which some feeds can do.

I have also added in the Health Mash which mine all get when it’s been particularly cold.

I cannot recommend your feed enough and the farrier commented how good their feet are and I don’t feed feet supplements now.

Samantha has been so helpful and I’m so glad I changed all feeding to Dodson and Horrell.

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