Build & Glow, Staypower & Elite Sport Muesli - Debbie Lawrence, Showjumper and Coach

1st April 2021

We have been using D&H for around 15 years (since we have had horses) as we’ve always found they keep in good condition.

We met Jennifer Little in 2018 who came to our yard and individually looked at each horse and took the time to hear about their personalities or any concerns about them whether that was condition or energy levels or even any medical problems. She made a feed plan for each horse and explained why she believes that is what they need putting on. She really opened my eyes to what the difference in feed is and how much difference a correct diet is.

We had a horse that no matter how much we tried, just couldn’t get his condition up, he was on the lean side. Then Jen introduced me to what I believe is THE BEST feed, Build and Glow and it honestly does exactly what it said on the back, not only the weight of the horse improved but the condition of the coat and even the sparkle in their eyes! This is a must have for my feed room.

All our horses are blood horses and compete, so energy levels can change dramatically. In the summer when competition is full steam ahead if we were away at a show for a few days we could find the energy levels of some horses lagging towards the end, Jen advised us to use Staypower as this was a feed that would give constant energy levels rather than a spike and drop, which resulted in horses having the same amount of energy during the whole competition! On the opposite end of the scale in winter when it’s cold and the horses aren’t doing as much work, they tend to get very fresh I so gave Jen a ring and she didn’t hesitate to help, again we were advised to use a different feed instead of the Staypower which was the Elite Sport Muesli, and again the horses just seem to calm down but still have enough energy to do the work.

Jen and the team at Dodson & Horrell have been one of the most important parts of our team. If we have any trouble or concerns, with in a phone call it’s sorted or if Jen wants to see the horses to double check (weight related) a visit will be scheduled to come.

We’ve had a horse that suffered a severe colic, lost 11 meters of his intestine and dropped a significant amount of weight, Jen made us a diet plan and regime to help him back on to hard feed over a period of time and of course build condition up again, but because he went a long time without a big amazing of food, the importance of strict diet plan was high, as could result in another colic. When Jen came to see him 6 months later her jaw dropped and smile as she couldn’t believe how well he was doing, we couldn’t have imagined his progress being as successful and quick.

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