Competition Mix - Zurie Dempster

14th April 2021

We got a new pony around December and after upping out training sessions on her (14.2 Connie x thoroughbred) to get ready to event we noticed that she went a little flat and was lacking energy. After emailing Dodson and Horrell asking for advice they gave me a few options of feeding. We decided to go for Competition Mix and within 2 feeds we noticed a difference which was amazing! Her energy is back, and her transitions are looking a lot better and definitely sharper as she was beginning to lack the energy to transition when asked. On the lead up to eventing days we also add in the Competition Cubes for some added energy, and wow, it works with her so well. She’s still so well behaved and not fizzy at all, yet with more energy which we need for Eventing. We also add in Dodson and Horrell soya oil for extra energy and keeping her coat looking nice and shiny.

Thanks to Dodson and Horrell for fuelling my pony, we went out and won our first BE90u18s together at Oasby 1 with a 26Dr and a double clear inside the time 💗 My 13.2 pony who I went eventing with last season has been out of work with a small injury so we haven’t had her on your feed yet, but now she’s ready to come back into work we will be giving it her as well.

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