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15th July 2021

Monkerty Tunkety (Monkey) suffers with really bad brittle teeth, and had his 2nd operation on them in May. THANKS to Dodson and Horrell he can have a very easy palatable diet without extra sugars/or molassed feed which would deteriorate his teeth. I have been feeding him on the build and glow, build up cubes and the performance balancer. He has been fed on this throughout the Year with no fibre extras to reduce chewing time for his teeth.

Throughout this year his diet has not changed apart from the intake which has depended on his work load. The Build Up Cubes have worked well with the Build and Glow to keep him in good condition and improve his muscle and top line throughout the Year. The Performance Balancer has given him the blend of vitamins and minerals he needs to keep his performance maintained throughout and the important things such as hoof growth, hind gut support and to balance his diet. In 2018 Monkey won RoR Horse of the Year for all his achievements he has done with me.

It has been a successful year for the business with the yard being full throughout the Year and it has felt D&H have helped with a good year.

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