Below outlines some of our key environmental initiatives:

  • We are constantly striving to reduce, reuse or recycle where possible. 
  • We work closely with packaging providers to use innovative materials e.g stretch film technology, recycled materials to reduce material waste.
  • We ensure that our pallets are reused and refurbished to eliminate single-use. The pallets that are beyond repair are chipped and made into compost.
  • Most of our liquid-food waste is recycled to land, which provides a solution that is not only cost-effective but also environmentally responsible, providing nutritional benefits to soils and cropping. This approach offers a reduced carbon footprint and helps support the local farming community.
  • All of our category 3 waste is repurposed into biofuels.
  • All surplus feed is recycled further into the supply chain.
  • We only use waste management providers that provide safe, secure and accredited disposal of waste with minimum effect on carbon footprint.
  • We partner with packaging manufacturers that are constantly evolving their best practice, ensuring they use innovative and sustainable materials and are proactively reducing their carbon emissions.

For further information, please review our Environment and Sustainability Policy.

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