Elite Sport Muesli, Classic Fibre Mix, CushCare Condition - Sarah Stubbs

8th April 2021

I have moved all of my livery horses as well as my own horses onto Dodson & Horrell feeds and am thrilled with the results. They look incredibly well and being able to work with D&H Nutritionist Jennifer Little to perfect their diets has paid dividends. Her knowledge is second to none and with the diverse range of products available we have found solutions for even the most difficult customers!

I had struggled to get the energy levels right for my mare as she began to step up the competition levels. Dodson & Horrell’s Elite Sport Muesli has provided the perfect solution, giving her sufficient energy to cope with increasingly challenging tracks, but without being unmanageable, and she looks incredible - I am often asked what the secret is!

During periods of difficult weather when my horses’ workloads have been drastically reduced, Classic Fibre Mix has proved to be a highly palatable option for lower energy requirements.

My 21yo retired showjumper was becoming increasingly fussy about his feed and Cushcare Condition has overcome his foibles - he loves it! It has also proved incredibly useful to have on the yard for other fussy horses, when needing to add medicine to feed and as a mash for many purposes - I wouldn’t be without it now!

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