Electrolytes - Corey Mawhinney

13th April 2021

To me, Electrolytes are essential to add to my horses diets. Electrolytes help hydrate and refuel nutrients that may be lost during heavy work or even on warm summer days!

Dodson and Horrell’s powdered electrolyte salts is by far my most used supplement due to its results, value of money but most importantly how easily the horses consume it. The sweet smelling and tasting power blends nicely into hard feed and water meaning the horses are not put off their dinner but in fact enjoy the added sweetness and flavour!

Ever since using Dodson and Horrell’s supplements my horses are feeling great and live a happy and healthy life.

(Pictured - 7 year old event horse ‘Lemme Aine’) Aine loves her job meaning at times she can get very excitable. Adding Dodson and Horrell’s electrolytes to her diet comforts me that my mare will be kept fuelled and hydrated when both at home and at competitions!

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