3rd March 2017

Hot on the heels from launching its superior racing range, Europe’s leading equine feed manufacturer Dodson & Horrell now unveils its range of performance feeds designed specifically for the competition horse whose demanding workload requires more energy for stamina and performance. With both fast release and slow release energy feeds in the range, including muesli’s, cubes and fibre products there is a variety to choose from so that the horse’s diet can be tailored exactly to its needs whether that be eventing, dressage, endurance, showjumping, riding club or other activities. Products for the Performance Range · Competition Mix · Competition Cubes · Staypower Cubes · Staypower Muesli · Fibre Fusion · Fibre Performance The new products and reformulations see an increase in specification with higher levels of copper, vitamin E and the addition of Actisaf yeast and linseed to help promote immune and gut health as well as coat condition and top line. This fresh new range has been developed alongside years of research into performance horse nutrition and provides a blend of antioxidants and over 25 vitamins and chelated minerals to support muscular, hoof, coat, immune and joint health. It also promotes post-work recovery and hydration due to its leading recovery package of micromanaged cooked cereals and electrolytes. Catherine Rudenko, Dodson & Horrell’s Head of Nutrition commented “We are passionate about feeding the performance horse and have extensively researched the best possible combinations of ingredients to maximise a horse’s performance and recovery. We are confident the results of the new Performance Range will speak for themselves - our aim is to #feedtowin.” The revamped range will be launched at the Dodson & Horrell Chatsworth International Horse Trials (12-14 May 2017) where you will see newly designed bags for all six products. Look out for Dodson & Horrell’s Performance Range that will hit stores at the beginning of May 2017.

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