To rug or not to rug!

17th December 2021

Cold and dry last week, wet and mild this week, keeping up with the weather and knowing which rug to put on your horse can often feel a little overwhelming. It’s good to remember that horses are far more adept at managing their own body temperatures than we are and can suitably acclimatise to much colder environments.

It is important to note there are many variables to consider when rugging, such as age, breed, current body condition and access to forage, but if you ever feel confused about what the most suitable rug option is for your horse, check out the tables below to help you take out the guess work!

Rugging is a key consideration for most horse owners and it’s an essential factor when monitoring your horses' weight and condition. We are here to help with your horses’ nutritional requirements throughout the changing seasons. You can contact our nutritional helpline for feeding advice here.


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