How to look after your horse’s feet in the heat

14th June 2020

Whilst most of us are loving these sunny conditions, dry, summery weather will mean that some of us will already be struggling to maintain our horses’ hoof condition. If you have tried everything topical, from oils and greases to lotions and potions, why not switch gears and ensure your horse is receiving the nutrients that can help. It has been demonstrated through various research studies that nutrition will have a significantly better impact on hoof horn growth and quality than anything we put on the surface of the hooves.

During periods of good grass growth when a horse is turned out for 12-24 hours a day, they will likely receive all of the calories and protein they need to satisfy their daily requirements, however, it is unlikely that they will receive one hundred percent of their daily vitamin and mineral needs from grass alone. What can we do as owners to help them “top up”?

The nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that are the most influential on hoof and coat condition are Zinc, Methionine, Biotin, Lysine, and Copper. An easy way to ensure your horse is receiving these key nutrients in balanced supply is to provide a daily vitamin and mineral supplement or a Balancer. With regards to quantities, Biotin has been researched in several studies to show positive benefit when fed at 15 to 20mg per day. Many Dodson & Horrell Balancers will provide at least 15mg of Biotin per day to an average sized 500kg adult horse, including Ultimate Balancer, Be Calm Balancer, Performance Balancer, and Go Lite Balancer. For advice on which product is most suitable for your horse, please contact our Nutritional Helpline.

If you are happy with your current diet and would rather use a supplement, consider Hoof Support. The easy to feed pellets contain essential components for building healthy hooves, such as Biotin, Zinc and Methionine, in addition to Mint and Basil, included to support palatability even in the smallest summer feeds.

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