New and improved Health Mash, here to stay all year round!

30th November 2020

Rarely have we entered a winter season with health and wellbeing more at the forefront of our minds. Following on from the success of Winter Health Mash and a consistent call to make it available year round, we felt the time was right for its evolution into a new product with an improved and even more health focused formulation, brimming with support supplementation and key features pertinent to a wide breadth of horses and ponies.

Winter Health Mash was known for its ability to tempt even the fussiest of feeders, whilst having a molasses and oat-grain free recipe that meant it was non-heating. Its lush herbal aroma came to life as it transitioned into a mash in less than ten minutes after adding warm water. New Health Mash retains these same well-loved core features but benefits further from an even lower starch content and more comprehensive digestive support. This includes a fourfold increase in ActiSaf yeast to support hindgut environment and health, pre-biotics MOS and FOS, psyllium to support motility, and unmolassed sugar beet which is a super fibre, meaning it is very digestible and energy dense in comparison to some other fibre sources. Immune support in Health Mash is also improved through the additions of Echinacea and our bespoke natural and plant based QLC antioxidants which have been shown to increase total antioxidant capacity. Holistic herbal support rounds out the key additives in Health Mash, stemming from the included mint, fennel, and cinnamon, which as an added benefit, helps it retain similar meadowy tones to Winter Health Mash, that pleasantly intensify as it is prepared.

Most importantly, Health Mash is suitable for all horses and ponies, including those who are prone to gastric ulcers. It can be used every day as part of a routine diet, or as a belly warming treat and a way to encourage water intake on especially cold days. If the upper end of the feeding guidelines are followed, it can be incorporated into an existing feeding programme and used as a top-up in the winter months to add additional calories and oil into the diet without fizz, and on the lower end of the feeding guide, Health Mash can complement a low intake diet, providing something extra for fussy feeders to look forward to in their meals. For those who are seeking a palatable solution to increase herbal, immune, or digestive support in their horses’ or ponies’ diets this winter, potentially because they are elderly or easily stressed when routines change, Health Mash again provides an excellent choice.

Our Helpline will be happy to answer any additional feeding questions and provide advice on each horse or pony’s individual circumstances in order to suggest the best way to incorporate Health Mash into their diet. Please do not hesitate to reach out to our dedicated team via our website’s Livechat, by email, or over the phone on 01270 782 223.

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