Dodson & Horrell step ahead in equine and canine nutrition with International Veterinary surgeons within their trusted nutritional team

5th April 2019

Dr Courtney Miller, Veterinary and Technical Nutrition Manager at Dodson & Horrell heads up a uniquely experienced team consisting of no less than three accomplished Veterinarians.  This level of expertise in house at Dodson & Horrell means that it is able to scientifically develop products to suit all types of horses and ponies and offer the very best advice to horse owners.

Meet the Team

Dr Courtney Miller BS BVetMed MRCVS, Dodson & Horrell’s Veterinary and Technical Nutrition Manager. 

Born and raised in the United States, Courtney completed a Bachelor of Science in Lyman Briggs General Zoology at Michigan State University before coming to the UK and studying for her Veterinary Degree at The Royal Veterinary College. After graduating Courtney gained 5 years of clinical practice experience in both the United States and the UK. 

“Nutrition has always been an interest and a focus in my studies, both during my Zoology and Veterinary degrees. After graduation from RVC, I incorporated it heavily in clinical consults, poor performance evaluations, surgery and rehabilitation plans. It is a key component of preventative health with broad reaching links to other veterinary specialisms,” comments Courtney.

Courtney’s responsibilities at Dodson & Horrell include leading on new and existing product development; supporting the entire team of vets, nutritionists and nutrition specialists and ensuring product education reaches the end user.  She provides nutritional and product training for both internal and external education; visits performance yards to offer technical advice, as well as providing technical marketing support and business planning.

Courtney cites “helping others achieve their goals and educating on the importance of nutrition” as one of the most enjoyable parts of her role.  “I am able to address wider nutritional issues than in practice and this presents an opportunity to positively impact more animals through preventative health measures.” Courtney was drawn to Dodson & Horrell due to its reputation of excellence, quality and innovation.

Dr Judith Maxwell MRCVS BVSc BSc (hons), Dodson & Horrell Veterinarian and International Nutritional Advisor.

After graduating from the Liverpool Veterinary School, Judith went straight into full time equine practice in Kent, Warwickshire and finally Gloucestershire to an ambulatory and eye clinic.

“I have always found that the medical cases that I have had the greatest long-term success with; I had considered their nutrition as well as management and medications. I have fed Dodson & Horrell to my horses from a very young age, as I was always impressed by the quality and science that they would put behind their feed. I resonate with the fact it is still a family run company, with great values and they genuinely care about the product and the horses. They have such a great reputation in every discipline and in every corner of the world.”

Based in Dubai, Judith travels to many countries outside of Europe. Her main role is to give nutritional support to large studs, racing and training facilities. “It gives me the most amazing opportunity to learn from different countries cultures and practices, and see how they manage certain problems. It also means you can share the knowledge and educate people in management and nutrition to promote optimum health and performance,” Judith adds.

When working on new products Dodson & Horrell welcomes innovation in these formulations and D&H has the largest source of herbs imaginable, as well has the scientific expertise to make these products the best on the market.  Being based in the Middle East horse world, the Arabian horse, both endurance and racing are a focus for Judith and she recently worked with Courtney on a new Endurance Mix, and Arabian Show and Stud Range. 

Dr Aneva van den Assem MSc DVM, Dodson & Horrell Veterinarian and Nutritional Advisor

Aneva graduated from Utrecht University in The Netherlands and after graduating

worked as an equine practitioner in several different clinics.  Based in France Aneva provides nutritional advice and technical support to high profile individuals, studs and training facilities in France and across Europe.

She was attracted to nutrition as it is such an important part of equine health and welfare and found that in practice, she was dealing with nutrition every day with her patients. “I always felt nutrition played an important role in my previous position, the opportunity at D&H matched with these thoughts and I love the client contact and opportunity for science-based working,” commented Aneva.I was drawn to Dodson & Horrell because of their experience and commitment to producing quality feed and its science-based approach in developing new formulations.”

Together Courtney, Judith and Aneva work with a number of nutritionists at Dodson & Horrell to offer the very best advice to all customers, from owners of just one horse or pony to the professional competitor or trainer with scores of horses in their yard. They formulate new products and evaluate Dodson & Horrell’s offering regularly to make sure D&H’s range of feed is meeting the needs of all horses.  Not only keeping pace with innovation but really leading the way in equine nutrition.

For more information on Dodson & Horrell’s range of feed or for advice please visit or call the nutritional helpline 01270 782 223.

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