Keeping Your Horse at the Ideal Weight:

  • As your horse gets older your horse may struggle to maintain their bodyweight
  • Some horses may begin to lose weight due to dental problems or reduced ability to absorb nutrients from the intestine
  • Some horses may gain weight due to reductions in workload
  • We recommend using our scientifically validated weigh tape and fat scoring your horse once a fortnight to monitor their weight
  • You should aim for a fat score of 2.5-3 on a scale of 1-5

Maximise Fibre Intake:

  • Dental disease is incredibly common in older horses
  • Problems such as missing teeth, abnormal wear on the teeth or jaw arthritis can mean that your horse could struggle to chew their feed
  • Forage that is not chewed properly can lead to choke, and will not be digested properly in the small intestine, which could lead to impaction colic
  • Regular dental check-ups by your vet or qualified dental technician are essential
  • Horses with dental problems will benefit from easily digestible fibre such as steamed hay or grass
  • If your horse struggles to eat hay and you have limited access to pasture then feeding a forage replacer made from soaked KwikBeet, Classic Fibre Nuts and Alfalfa is an excellent way to meet your horse's fibre requirements.

Maintaining Muscle Mass:

  • Older horses may struggle to maintain muscle mass due to:

- A reduction in workload
- Poor absorption of protein from the small intestine
- Reduced ability to build new muscle

    • Feeding high-quality protein is essential
    • Sixteen Plus Mix and Cubes and KwikBeet contain high levels of digestible protein to help maintain your horse’s muscles

    Support Vital Organs:

    • As your horse gets older their heart, lungs, liver, digestive system and kidneys may begin to need extra support
    • Providing a low calcium feed such as Sixteen Plus avoids placing additional stress on the kidneys
    • Providing extra antioxidants can help support the heart and nervous system
    • Herbal supplements such as Breathe Free may help to maintain a healthy respiratory system
    • Digestive Support contains yeast, prebiotics and psyllium to help support digestive function

    Promoting Mobility:

    •  Age and previous injuries can put a strain on your horse’s joints and tendons, leading to stiffness and reduced mobility
    • Light, regular exercise is beneficial for your horse
    • Feeding supplements to encourage joint health can help to keep your horse moving
    • Sixteen Plus contains glucosamine which can help in maintaining cartilage
    • Our herbal supplement Mobility contains a blend of herbs to support muscles and joints, including Devils Claw Root

      TOP TIP - Feed older horses from the ground; neck arthritis and missing incisors can make eating from a net tricky. You can even provide a 'plastic tablecloth' beneath their food bowl so they can easily lick up any spillages.

      Recommended Products:

           Senior Support Balancer - For horses who maintain weight easily or need to lose a few pounds

      •  A high specification balancer formulated for the older equine.
      • Joint Care - Contains MSM and glucosamine supporting mobility and function
      • QLC Antioxidants - Natural plant-based antioxidants supporting antioxidant capacity
      • Herbal Health Care - Turmeric & Black Pepper

        Hoof Support

      • Biotin & Methionine for hoof development 

        Sixteen Plus Mix or Cubes
        - For older horses who start to lose condition

      • High-calorie muesli or cubes formulated for the older horse
      • High in fibre, oil and high-quality protein
      • Packed with our patented QLC antioxidants for immune support and overall health
      • MSM and Glucosamine to support joint health
      • Highly palatable and can be fed wet for horses that are struggling to chew 

        Joint Support
        - If your horse is struggling with mobility

      • A nutritional supplement designed to support and maintain your horse’s musculoskeletal system
      • Contains high levels of glucosamine and MSM to support your horse’s mobility and quality of life

        Forage Replacer
        - If your horse struggles to eat hay and has limited access to pasture

      • Haynet in a bucket - provides essential fibre in an easy to chew consistency
      • Soak 600g per 100kg bodyweight of KwikBeet for at least ten minutes, then add 600g per 100kg bodyweight each of Alfalfa and High Fibre Nuts, which can be soaked if necessary

      Contains vital vitamins, minerals and antioxidants

      We are here to help!

      • Our team of Nutritional Advisors is on-hand to offer free, friendly and practical feeding advice that can really make a difference to your horse or pony's life.

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