The Dodson & Horrell Great 8 focusses on a selection of products suitable for all horse owner needs.​ The range brings together core products from our expansive range that can be fed to many different types of horses and ponies.

We have products that focus on weight management (Slim Down and Build Up Conditioning Mix), there’s an ad-hoc recovery mash (Health Mash), support for veterans (Sixteen Plus) and two fantastic fibre feeds (Safe & Sound and Fibre Up). Our additional offerings of a supplement, and a unique, all-in-one fully balanced treat, help round out our fabulous selection.

Products in the D&H Great 8 Promotion:

  • Slim Down ​
  • Build Up Conditioning Mix​​
  • Sixteen Plus Mix​​
  • Health Mash​​
  • Fibre Up​
  • Safe & Sound​
  • Supplement - Daily Vitamins and Minerals​
  • Supplement - Equi-Bites


Each one of our feeds are specifically formulated for a selection of different ailments. If your horse or pony suffers from clinical conditions such as laminitis, gastric ulcers or any other aliment, then products in the Great 8 can help ease their woes.

Issues that our great 8 focus on include:

  • Laminitis
  • Metabolic issues
  • Age
  • Additional support
  • Hydration
  • Lacking condition

Whether you want to feed a standalone product or create a mixture, there really is something for all in the Dodson & Horrell Great 8.


If there’s ever been a time you were wanting to try a selection of our products, then this is it!

Why? …

To further help get the D&H Great 8 promotion off to a flying start, we’ve launched an exclusive loyalty card scheme! This is available to all those who purchase any, or all, of the Great 8 products from participating retailers.

Click here if you’re eager to find out more or approach your local stockist. Our loyalty cards are available in store now.

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