Poppy Sewell

UK Business Development Manager

I studied horses through College and Uni and worked in the education sector until I joined Dodson and Horrell. Although I do not currently have any horses, I am always acquiring the slightly wobbly ones for a quiet hacking life at home on the farm. I have experience working on Point-to-Point yards, Eventing yards, College yards and out in the industry with vets. 

Nutrition is a fascinating topic and such a fundamental part of horse ownership. I enjoy seeing happy, healthy horses and well-educated, happy owners!

Favourite D&H feed and why?
Cushcare Condition! If I have any underconditioned horses, the turn around for improvement is so easy to see. I love how useful it is for Cushings horses, but also for older horses who need that extra bit of love and condition. The palatability aspect is also really useful for when I do get the fussy feeders that owners cannot get food into. I recently had a grass sickness case and the pony chose to eat Cushcare which was the most she had eaten for a long time!

Top Feeding Tip
Be honest with yourself about your horses condition and workload. Ask someone to monitor your horse’s weight loss with you, so you get a structured opinion. Remember, it’s easier to PREVENT laminitis than CURE it.

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