Lydia Brenton

UK Business Development Manager

 Why do you love working at D&H? I enjoy the variety of different disciplines my role allows me to support.

How long have you worked at D&H? A year 

Do you have any animals? Two cats, Mittens and Toot (because when you call her in you must shout Toot-toot!!) and a recently acquired ‘strawberry-blonde’ Labrador called ‘Figgy Pudding’.

I bought my first horse age 19, a 5yo welsh partbred, nicknamed ‘The Pig’ whom I showjumped for a number of years, he’s now a semi-retired grass hoover. Mr Pig is now the lead horse for my quirky slightly larger welsh partbred ‘Jac’ that I event, we’re predominantly grassroots due to time but have popped round a Novice which I’d like to do more of because he is an exceptionally talented XC horse.

I have a National Diploma in Horse Management, I did Access to Science and have a BSc Degree in Bioveterinary Science. 

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