Ian Stark OBE joins the judging panel for the D&H Bursary

Nominations are in full swing and the Dodson & Horrell bursary campaign 

A good days racing was had at the Cambridgeshire with Enfield Chace Point-to-Point on Sunday 7 February at

A good days racing was had at the Point-to-Point on Sunday 24 Jan.

Winter colic – how to reduce your horse’s risk

Colic is the horse-owner’s worst nightmare, over winter our horses are often at increased risk of certain c

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Sisters Pippa and Millie Allen are set to compete at Olympia.

Dodson & Horrell is looking forward to an exceptional Olympia 

Dodson & Horrell Novice Riders Series opens with thrilling qualifier

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Millie Allen claims first prize at the final qualifier of the 2015 D&H and WCP U23 Championship Series