Dodson & Horrell has launched a new Performance Range

22nd March 2018

Leading equine feed manufacturer Dodson & Horrell continues its innovative approach to nutrition by launching its new Performance Range. It is the latest stage in the continuing evolution of its product ranges, as both customer requirements change, and scientific research moves forwards.

The range includes nine new or improved products aimed at horses in regular competition. The brand-new products to the range include Elite Sport Muesli and Performance Concentrate Muesli and were developed following in-depth research by Dodson & Horrell's Head of Nutrition, Catherine Rudenko.

“We reviewed our range against what customers are currently looking for from their feed. This ranges from the basic need to meet nutritional requirements without the need for any extra supplementation, right up to those riders looking at their horse’s nutrition as a means of enhancing performance and recovery.” Elite Sport Muesli The majority of performance horses require a low starch diet, but many of these feeds to date have been very monotonous, perhaps just a pellet and chaff. Dodson & Horrell has produced a feed that has both nose and texture, utilising a muesli formulation.

Elite Sport Muesli also contains plant based anti-oxidants and a hind gut package, Catherine explained: “When you are less grain reliant, you need to make sure that the fibre aspect of the feed is utilised as well as can be. Fibre does provide energy, but it's a slower digestive process so you are dependent on the hind gut operating efficiently – hence the addition of pre-biotics. If you can increase the output in terms of nutrient conversion in the hind gut then you are on to a winner – it's not just about the health of the horse when choosing what to feed, it's also about enabling the horse, internally, to operate at maximum efficiency.”

Anyone who has a somewhat stressed horse understands how quickly it can back off its feed. “Lack of palatability, due to a lack of sweetness, is one of the dangers of feeding lower starch diets. Our biggest challenge was to produce a suitable feed that even the fussiest horse would eat and we did pick some very fussy horses – but the results speak for themselves." Performance Concentrate Muesli This new mix is designed to cater for horses who don't necessarily need full feeding rations, but perhaps have a rider who isn't comfortable feeding just a teacup of balancer. Visually appealing, the muesli uses plant based anti-oxidants as well as a hind-gut support package. It also contains a high level of biotin, which is one of the more commonly supplemented products.

“It's a very flexible feed because you can top dress it with oats. Some people will feed it just as it stands, as a smaller intake concentrate, but if a rider occasionally wants to pick the horse up a bit, maybe in the run up to an event or at an event, they can add oats.”

Catherine had spotted a gap in the market: “Before Performance Concentrate Muesli it was either standard feed or balancers. The flexibility makes it adaptable to different situations.”

Dodson & Horrell’s impressive team of Brand Ambassadors is something of a Who's Who in equestrianism. They include current Four-in-Hand Driving World Champion Boyd Exell; British Event team representatives Piggy French, Laura Collett and Harry Meade; dressage and para-dressage Olympians Richard Davison, Sir Lee Pearson and Sophie Wells; international showjumpers Ellen Whitaker and the legendry Geoff Billington. From the racing world, both Paul Nicholls and Kim Bailey are just some of the team who make up ‘the family’ of Ambassadors. These ambassadors are key in the development of Dodson & Horrell products trialling and consulting on their findings. Brand Ambassador and International Event Rider Laura Collett commented “I have trialled the new Elite Sport Muesli on two of my event horses who typically struggle with their weight and are quite sharp. Since putting them on the Elite Sport Muesli I have been delighted with the condition both horses have put on and at the same time have relaxed more in their work. I’m very impressed and look forward to putting more of my event horses on this product for the coming season!”

“The Brand Ambassadors are part of the overall team at Dodson & Horrell and so important to the company, we say our feeds are the best in the world, but customers need to see results and our Ambassadors produce these results and demonstrate the value of our brand,” commented Head of Marketing at Dodson & Horrell, Gemma Schwarz.

The New Performance Range is available in store now and includes:

Elite Sport Muesli

Performance Concentrate Muesli

Fibre Performance

Competition Mix

Competition Cubes

Staypower Muesli

Staypower Cubes

ERS Cubes

Regener8 Cubes

Ultimate Balancer

For more information on the whole range or any other Dodson & Horrell product visit or call Dodson & Horrell’s expert nutritionists on their free Nutritional Helpline 01270 782 223.

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