Pauline Smith HND BHSAI. INT. SM

Nutritional Advisor on Helpline

Pauline Smith HND BHSAI. INT. SM has been part of the nutritional team at Dodson & Horrell since 1998. She has over 50 years of practical application supported by feed science, and has successfully bred, trained and produced her own event horses around her full-time job at Dodson & Horrell.

Favourite D&H feed and why?
Mare & Youngstock is my favourite stud feed that really does suit home breeding. This versatile lower intake stud feed is ideal for brood mares that are at grass all day and hence only fed two meals per day. Normal stud feeds are balanced for a high feeding rate, whereas Mare & Youngstock provides all the essential micronutrients at a 500g per 100kg bodyweight per day intake. There was no need to add any other supplements with this feed meaning I only needed to feed 3kg per day for my 16.2hh mare. Cassie was 20 years old when she produced her second excellent colt foal. I was immensely proud of the general condition and the shine that both mare and foal had.

Top Feeding Tip
My biggest feeding tip is to feed the horse you see in front of you and to regularly check their bodyweight with a weigh tape every fortnight.

What product would you recommend every store to stock?
Equilac is an essential top-quality mares milk replacer that is an essential emergency requirement. As a horse owner and amateur breeder, I would judge a retailer by their caring attitude. If I saw this in their store I would know I could trust them.

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