Jen Little

RNutr MSc BSc (Hons)Performance Horse Specialist (North)

Jennifer Little RNutr MSc BSc (Hons) is a Registered Nutritionist (animal) and joined the Dodson & Horrell Nutritional team in 2016. She studied Equine and Business Management at Bishop Burton College and a Master’s degree in Veterinary Science at Liverpool and she has many years of experience in the nutritional sector including as the Nutrition Research Associate for Kentucky Equine Research in the USA. During this time her interest in the impact of nutrition on the equine performance horse really developed.

Favourite Dodson & Horrell feed and why? – Suregrow

I find myself regularly recommending Suregrow when faced with a difficult challenge of fast growing youngstock or good doing pregnant mares. I love the solution this product provides being a high specification vitamin & mineral diet balanced for mares and youngstock where excess calories must be avoided.

Top Feeding Tip – The addition of Kwik Beet around travel or competition times when managing a horse who drinks less in times of stress.  This ensure fluid intake and the fibre encourages motility of the gut.

What product would you recommend every store to stock? – Ultimate Balancer – The vast majority of horses ranging from field companions up to affiliated competition horses are managed on a daily ration below the recommended intake of their complete feed and therefore Ultimate Balancer corrects any vitamin & mineral deficiencies without adding any extra calories or ‘fizz’. Simultaneously supporting digestive health, hoof strength, recovery and immune systems with FOS, yeast, biotin, chelated zinc & methionine, QLC antioxidants, MSM & vitamin C.

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