Chloe Dix

Performance Horse Specialist (South West)

Chloe Dix BSc (Hons) Graduated from University of Gloucestershire in 2015 with 1st Class Honours degree in Animal Biology - specialising in Equine Biology and is currently completing an MSc by Research in Biological Sciences. Chloe then worked as an Independent Animal Medicines Advisor for 4 years providing owners with guidance on anything from worming to nutrition, winning the title of Equine SQP of the Year at the national SQP awards.  Her passion is to promote best practice in feeding to allow owners to have happy, healthy horses, that get the very best out of their feeding regime.

Favourite Dodson & Horrell feed and why? – Elite Sports Muesli as its low in starch and sugar for those that are particularly sensitive to starch levels. It also has a high oil content for added condition and as an energy source. It also packs a mighty punch with additional support for the hind gut, antioxidants and fibre plus complex which helps improve fibre digestibility. Also includes additional Vitamin E and it is oat free!

Top Feeding Tip – If your horse is prone to gastric ulceration, feed a couple of handfuls of alfalfa prior to exercise. This will create a ‘mattress’ of fibre that will act to reduce splashing of stomach acid to protect the stomach lining.

What product would you recommend every store to stock? – Ultimate Balancer!

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