Amie Hicks

Thoroughbred and Performance Horse Specialist

Amie Hicks joined Dodson & Horrell’s Performance Horse Specialist Team in 2017 having previously had a varied career in the equine industry including working abroad as a Polo Groom and a Thoroughbred Track Work Rider before returning home to work in a large Equine Veterinary Referral Hospital in Gloucestershire.  

Favourite Dodson & Horrell feed and why? – Build & Glow is my absolute favourite and definite go to as it is suitable for anything from racehorses to show ponies. Build & Glow provides a fantastic source of non-heating, dense and concentrated calories to those who are in light condition or just need that extra bit of support for a dazzling coat.

Top Feeding Tip – Offer your horse a handful of Alfalfa based fibre around 20 minutes before any exercise or travelling to reduce the chances of gastric ulcers. Not only does the alfalfa help reduce the splashing of stomach acid on to the naturally unprotected top half of the stomach which is most prone to ulcers but chewing also creates saliva which contains bicarbonate – a natural ‘buffer’ shown to neutralise acidity in the in the stomach. Research also shows that Alfalfa specifically, contains certain levels of calcium and amino acids which can also act as a buffer.

What product would you recommend every store to stock? – Ultimate Balancer

It is essential that your horse gets the correct balance of vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids but for those who don’t necessarily want to add any additional calories into your horse or ponies feed, Ultimate Balancer is a great low-calorie solution

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