Team GBR

Dodson & Horrell was first granted the high-profile role as the official supplier of nutrition to Equestrian Team GBR in 2009. The contract renewal for another 4 years from 2013 will see us offer impartial nutritional advice in the run up to next year’s WEG (World Equestrian Games) in Normandy, France and the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Rio, 2016. 

In our capacity as the Official Supplier of Nutrition to the British Equestrian Teams, we supply horse feed to the teams where required, co-ordinate the logistics for transporting and locating feed for Team GBR and provide impartial advice on equine nutrition for performance. For the 2010 World Equestrian Games, we worked with the BEF to deliver over 265 bags of horse feed to Cincinnati.

The advice and support extends beyond the teams to the World Class Programme. The World Class Programme underpins Team GBR and is made up of the Performance and Development Programmes as well as the Equine Pathway.