Tailor Made

  • Convalescing

    Occasionally, there are times when horses and ponies need a specific diet tailor made to support nutritional convalescence. For horses and ponies that are on box rest or recuperating post-surgery, we have developed Convalescent Diet, a dietetic feedstuff that has antioxidant and calming packages. Our Ultimate Balancer is also equally suitable for convalescing horses that do not require extra calories.

  • Digestion

    The horse’s digestive system is delicately balanced and can easily be disrupted by dietary or management changes, stress or illness. This means that there are often occasions when horses and ponies need a bit of extra support to maintain digestive balance and avoid digestive problems. Our range of Digest products contains ingredients which help to ensure a healthy population of bacteria is maintained, nutritionally supporting the environment within the digestive tract.

  • Joints

    The joints of horses and ponies can be subject to a lot of wear and tear and using specific support can help your horse. Our Move range of herbs and supplements provide nutritional support for the musculoskeletal system.

  • Skin

    Like humans, horses have times when they feel under the weather or below par. Choose a product from our Well-Being range to help keep your horse or pony feeling and looking healthy all year round.

  • Breathing

    A healthy respiratory system is an important part of your horse’s overall well-being. Good general management practices such as turning your horse out as much as possible, reducing exposure to dust and feeding haylage or soaked hay are all important in maintaining a healthy respiratory system; additionally you can nutritionally support your horse by adding Breathe-Free to your feed.

  • Movement

    Dodson & Horrell has based its formulation of ERS Pellets on international research and is recommended by vets. It provides an excellent and extremely convenient way to feed a high-oil, low starch diet.