• Early Work

    Slow work is vital to any training programme and correct nutrition will help ensure that your racehorses are ready to withstand full work. Our feeds have been specifically formulated to support health, promote condition and muscle development during early training.

  • General

    The physical demands of racing require the diet to provide quick release, highly digestible energy sources and high quality protein to help maintain muscle mass and strength. Our range of racehorse feeds is designed to deliver optimum nutrition in every situation to maintain sustained successful performance. Our feeds are also formulated to help your horse to have the competitive edge.

  • Oat Balancers

    If you feed your racehorse on oats, our Racing Balancer is specifically formulated to be a high specification oat balancer muesli, providing your racehorse with a balanced diet when fed with oats. The Racing Balancer will provide everything your racehorse needs for top performance, recovery, muscle development, bone health and respiratory whilst encouraging a good appetite through a palatable formulation.

  • Fussy Feeders

    If you have racehorses that are not eating up, try using either Microfeed or Ebor Supreme. Microfeed is a high-energy muesli ration that is highly palatable and high in B Vitamins to encourage a good appetite. Ebor Supreme is a high protein cubed ration for National Hunt horse and young flat horses that is also high in appetising B-Vitamins.

  • Box Rest

    For horses on extended periods of box rest or reduced work, our specialist ration, Convalescent Diet is tailor made to nutritionally support the body’s repair process and has a good antioxidant status to ensure this occurs. The highly palatable formulation encourages appetite and subsequently digestive health. Convalescent Diet also contains a calming package to maintain an even and calm temperament.