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Bone Support

Bone Support is a unique research-based feed supplement designed to support bone health. It contains a blend of special ingredients including: vitamin K3, silica, marine alga, vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids.  Bone Support has been formulated by expert Nutritionists to help support bone re-modelling and encourage bone re-mineralisation.  It is a highly palatable, easy to feed, pellet. Available in 3kg and 10kg tubs.

• A blend of special ingredients to help support bone health.
• Based on scientific studies.
• Recommended for broodmares, youngstock and horses in work especially young racehorses.

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Ingredients: Alfalfa, Lithothamnium, Salmon oil, Magnesium oxide, dried leaves of Solanum glaucophyllum, Menadione

Horses in work: 1 scoop/day
Broodmares: 1 scoop/day
Foals: ½ scoop/day
Yearlings: ¾ scoop/day

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