Herbs & Supplements

  • Behave

    Our horses’ behaviour can have a huge impact on the relationship we have with them. If this behaviour is undesirable, it can affect day to day management and exercise routines and understanding this behaviour can be difficult. Whether you have an over excitable horse or a hormonal mare, the addition of a calming product from our Behave range can help.

  • Daily

    Daily herbs and supplements form an essential part of your horse’s daily routine. If it is a vitamin and mineral top-up that your horse needs, try Daily Vitamins and Minerals or if your horse is at grass, Equi-Bites are perfect. The addition of daily herbs such as Garlic and Hedgerow Herbs are the perfect healthy complement to your horse’s diet.

  • Digest

    The horse’s digestive system is delicately balanced and can easily be disrupted by stress and/or illness. This means that there are often occasions when horses and ponies need a bit of extra dietary support to restore digestive balance and avoid digestive problems. Support your horse’s hindgut environment with Yea-Sacc or use Digestive Support to help balance the entire digestive system.

  • Hooves

    Poor quality hooves can make shoeing difficult and problems such as weak horn walls, crumbling and flaking, ridged and misshapen hooves can be associated with dietary deficiencies. Promote good quality hooves by using Hoof Support or Firm Foot to help horses that have temporary or recurrent hoof conditions. We have also formulated a hoof herb for laminitics to promote healthy hoof condition.

  • Move

    Our Move range of herbs and supplements provide nutritional support for the musculoskeletal system and they can be used as either a preventative or to combat any discomfort caused by joint and muscular aches and pains. The joints of horses and ponies can be subject to a lot of wear and tear and using specific support can help your horse.

  • Perform

    The demands placed upon the performance horse are unique, and supplementing your horse’s diet is essential for ensuring that your horse recovers properly after periods of heavy exercise. This range has been formulated with this in mind. Whether you require a performance vitamin and mineral top-up, electrolytes or an energising lift, we have the supplement to suit your competition horse.

  • Relieve

    No matter how hard we try to protect our horses, there are some conditions we cannot eliminate completely. Seasonal changes bring their own problems, such as sweet itch in the summer and respiratory difficulties in the winter. The Relieve range offers products to give your horse a helping hand to aid relief of respiratory problems, skin irritations and internal upsets.

  • Shine

    A shiny coat and bright eyes signifies a healthy horse, the aim of all horse and pony owners. True health and shine is demonstrated on the outside but is generated from within. Good nutrition and the addition of products such as Soya Oil or Glow & Show will keep your horse feeling well on the inside and gleaming on the outside.

  • Well-Being

    Like humans, horses have times when they feel under the weather or below par. For instance, changing of coat requires a lot of energy, which can affect your horse’s condition, and seasonal changes can lead to suppressed immune systems. Choose a product from our Well-Being range to help keep your horse or pony feeling and looking healthy all year round.