• Mare & Stallion

    Our entire stud feed range incorporates ingredients to help support fertility, reproductive efficiency and colostrum quality. Our stud feeds will ensure that your mare receives the best nutritional support during late pregnancy and lactation to support foetal development and milk production. Correct nutrition is vital for breeding stallions to ensure good body condition and support of sperm production and health.

  • Orphan Foal

    If you haven’t been able to find a foster mare for your orphan foal, the provision of a milk replacer is essential. Our Equilac is specifically designed for orphan foals or for foals whose dams do not produce sufficient milk. Creep feeding is also essential from approximately 10 days onwards to ensure your foal receives the correct balance of nutrients.

  • Youngstock

    All of our youngstock products incorporate the very latest nutritional science and key ingredients to help support bone development and immune and digestive health in your youngstock from birth and into the horse’s yearling year. Your youngstock are the athletes of the future and our feeds provide the correct nutrition to aid in the rearing of strong and sound youngstock.

  • Sales Prep

    Our specialist sales preparation feeds help to ensure that your horse achieves its maximum potential by making sure that your horse looks the picture of health and has the right physical and mental characteristics. The feeds will help your horse to look well muscled and in excellent condition whilst helping to support an even temperament, skeletal soundness and overall health.

  • DOD

    Developmental problems are a concern for breeders and ensuring your horse receives the right nutrition is one area that can be easily addressed. Imbalances, deficiencies or excesses of nutrients can increase the risk of Development Orthopaedic Disease (DOD) and our Suregrow has been specifically formulated to help manage youngstock prone to developmental problems. It comes recommended by Nutritionists and Veterinarians.

  • Mare & Stallion

    If you have a native, warmblood or part-bred mare or stallion, our Mare & Youngstock is the ideal feed to support their needs. These breeds do not normally require large intakes of feed, so we have formulated Mare & Youngstock specifically as a low intake feed that still balances all the necessary vitamins and minerals. Your mare in early pregnancy (0-8 months) won’t need a specialist stud feed and you’ll be able to continue with her normal feed. During late pregnancy (last 3 months), your mare will need a specific stud feed such as Mare & Youngstock.

  • Youngstock

    Native, warmblood and part-bred broodmares & youngstock do not tend to require the level of calories that Thoroughbred broodmares & youngstock do, therefore we have formulated Mare & Youngstock specifically with these types of horses in mind. Mare & Youngstock is ideal from two weeks through to three years of age for youngstock and during the last three months of pregnancy for mares.

  • Orphan Foals

    Rearing an orphan foal can be a potentially stressful time, which is why we have formulated both Equilac and Foal Creep Pellets to make sure that your foal receives the correct balance of nutrients from an early age. Both products have been specifically designed for foals that have been orphaned or for foals whose dams do not produce sufficient milk.