Laminitis Awareness

Laminitis Awareness 2010

Wonderful feedback from some of those who attended the events!

"Definitely would NOT have liked more coffee breaks - I went to hear lectures and take part in practical sessions and they were ALL excellent. A great day out, I learnt loads and have been out exercising my horse daily ever since attending - and have been able to inform others of the new information. Very well organised from my initial contact with D&H to arrange my place right through to me leaving the course. Everyone very friendly and approachable and happy to answer questions. Please let me know if you are running any more courses!"

"Very enjoyable and informative and I hope more lecture days are planned, we would be very happy to attend. Professor Knottenbelt's lecture was particularly interesting as he has the gift of getting facts over without over complicating things and being entertaining at the same time."

"Thoroughly enjoyed the day and felt as though I had learnt a lot and gained a lot of knowledge to be able to pass on to others. I travelled a long way to go - Sussex to Blackpool - it was a long day, but I came back feeling like a sponge that had soaked up masses of water, but there was a tiny bit left in the bucket that I hadn't been able to absorb. A very good feeling as there is always more to learn"

"The practical sessions were also excellent and I learnt loads. Although I could fat score before attending I feel far more confident now to do it. I feel able to recognise the early signs of laminitis; am much more informed about pain-relief and how the support the hoof structure if I ever have to; and 'seeing' the layers/thickness of fat using ultra-sound made me much more aware of how much fat a horse could carry. The session with the farrier was also informative and I am far more aware of how the hoof works, the amount of movement that goes on within the hoof structure and the effect of laminitis on the pedal bone etc. The tour of the vet school was interesting - amazing all the facilities, equipment, expertise"

If you would like to read a write up on the presentation given by Dr Teresa Hollands, Dodson & Horrell, Nutritionist then simply click on the link below:-

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Laminitis Nutritional Guide 2010

There have been massive steps forward in the study of laminitis in the last 10 years and what is becoming very clear is that there is more than one nutritional cause of laminitis, although the clinical signs might be the same.

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For a full list of the research referred to in our 2010 nutritional guide, please click below to download.

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