Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do to give him more energy?

My 15hh riding club horse is overweight, laid back and lethargic - what can I do to give him more energy? Current ration includes 2kg of hay and 1kg of high fibre nuts. Read more

Is Mare's Milk Enough?

My mare is going to have her first foal this summer, will I need to feed the foal or will it get all the nutrients it needs from its mum's milk? Read more

Hay or Haylage?

I currently feed adlib hay to my horse and I want to change him on to haylage – what are the differences between these two sources of forage? Read more

Feeding the Veteran with Poor Teeth

My 16.2hh veteran horse is gradually losing weight and the dentist said he will have difficulty chewing hay and haylage, what can I feed him? Read more

Feeding the Laminitic

I have recently taken on a horse that suffers from chronic laminitis. How can I minimise the risk of her getting it again and what can I feed her to give her all the nutrients she needs? Read more

Feeding After Weaning

What should I feed a fully weaned 7 month old native foal (due to make 13hh when adult)? Read more