What is Equi-Cal and how will it benefit you?

Equi-Cal is the new Dodson & Horrell online Thoroughbred Growth & Management System that enables breeders to:

  • E

    valuate the growth of youngstock against the national average
  • Q

    uickly add & store an ongoing history of each foal (inc.veterinary & farriery notes)
  • U

    pload photographs of individual horses
  • I

    nvestigate the incidences of developmental problems
  • C

    reate individual reports, an excellent way of keeping owners up to date
  • A

    ccess forage analysis & nutritional reports
  • L

    ink to all the latest nutritional news

Equi-Cal is available to all Thoroughbred Breeders currently using Dodson & Horrell products (terms and conditions apply) to register as a user or for more information, please contact Louise Jones on 01832 737349 or email enquiries@dodsonandhorrell.com

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