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24th September - Dr Teresa Hollands Speaks at Equine Weight Clinic - Saturday 13th October

The Equine Team at Castle Veterinary Surgeons in County Durham are holding an Equine Weight Clinic on Saturday 13th October, which is open to all.

Dodson & Horrell's Senior Nutrition Manager Dr Teresa Hollands BSc(Hons) MSc (Nutrition) PhD R.Nutr will be the official guest speaker at the event, offering her expertise and insight into feeding related matters.

The sessions will be held at the surgery in Barnard Castle, with the first group between 12-2.30pm, and the second session held at 3-5.30pm. There will be a 1 hour lecture, followed by small practical groups for each one.

Join the team for a fun, fact packed information day on Fit vs. Fat; find out why we aren’t fussed about fructans and how to manage your comfortably cuddly horse and laid back, good doer competition horse. There will be an update from Laminitis Awareness, with the latest information on insulin resistance.

Also included is a practical session on fat scoring; exploring how to do the cresty neck score, using the ultra sound to look how we can see fat beneath the skin, the chance to weigh horses on our weighbridge, compare the accuracy of the scientifically validated weightape (on special offer) and see how to measure digital pulse and divergent rings.

We are also offering our forage analysis service at the clinic - simply bring a supermarket carrier bag of forage, so that we can analyse the nutrients and minerals in your hay or haylage. This service costs just £7.50.

Refreshments will be provided on the day. Please call 01833 695695 to reserve your place, and specify which session you would like to attend.

Castle Veterinary Surgeons
Montalbo Road
Barnard Castle
Co Durham
DL12 8ED