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5th November - Dodson & Horrell Veteran Horse finalists announced as London International Horse Show approaches

The Finalists of the Veteran Horse Showing Ltd series have been announced, with the live grand final at Olympia, The London International Horse Show 2013 just weeks away.

Sponsored by Dodson & Horrell Limited, the Veteran Horse Showing Ltd series is the only Affiliated showing competition aimed specifically at horses or ponies aged 15 years and over, with 2013 marking the 12th year of competition.

There are 28 finalists in total, with the veteran horses ranging in age from 15 through to 31.

Boasting a packed schedule spanning seven days, the London International Horse Show is a hotly anticipated event in the equestrian calendar with the Veteran Horse Showing Ltd Final scheduled for Thursday, 19th December.

Series sponsor Dodson & Horrell has supported Veteran Horse Showing Ltd for 12 years.  Marketing Director Sam Horrell said: “Our long-standing association with the series is testament to our commitment to supporting older horses and ponies and showing the equestrian world the capabilities they have once they reach their veteran years.

“The live Final at Olympia Horse Show is an event we all look forward to and we extend our congratulations to all of the 28 finalists and are waiting in anticipation to find out which of them will be the 2013 Champions.”

Dodson & Horrell has developed a range of feed tailored to suit the unique nutritional needs of older horses and ponies; Sixteen Plus Mix and Cubes has been specially formulated to ensure that veterans receive all of the nutrients and antioxidants they need as well as a bit extra for their musculoskeletal and digestive systems.

The full list of Finalists that will compete in the live grand final on 19th December is:

• The Cabin Show Ridden Olympia ticket, Laura Carnie & Soundtrack
• Brook Farm TC In Hand Olympia ticket, Anne Robinson & Longmeadow Charles
• Moulton College Ridden Champion, Samantha Walker & Maybe
• BSPS Area 9B Ridden Olympia ticket, Sally Ann Williams & Unico
• Romsey Show Ridden Champion, Jane Harper & Crimewave
• Bowes County In Hand Champion, Butterby Express
• Veteran Showing Champs In Hand Olympia Ticket, Maria Beer & Master Wilf
• Veteran Showing Champs Ridden Champion, James Knight & Isatis De L’Ecluse
• Cheshire County Ridden Champion, Beatrice Walker-Kerr & Van Gough
• Osbauldeston EC In Hand Olympia ticket, David Rudd & Lady’s Castle Moye
• Osbauldeston EC In Hand Olympia ticket, Marion Hutcheson & Gonzo
• Bowes County Show Ridden Champion, Lucy Jones & Horsense Minute Un
• Romsey County Show In Hand Champion, Francessca Canhan & Jigtime Puck
• Morten Morrell College Ridden Champion, Amy Taylor & Kincardine Correchoille
• Morten Morrell College In Hand Champion, Nerys Strong & Forestuchaf Prince
• Morten Morrell College Restricted Champion, Kate Lawrence & Phantom S
• Royal Windsor Ridden Champion, Amy Cook & Paddington
• Royal Windsor In Hand Champion, Sue Vincent Ranchwood & Banana Split
• Sunny Bank EC Mixed Champion, Manon Charpentier & Mitdgard
• Great Bookham EC Mixed Champion, Lacey Smith & Domino Flashy Lad
• Three Counties Show Ridden Champion, Felicity Vaughn & What A Spark
• Moulton College In Hand Champion, Adam Pike & Minnie The Moocher
• The Scottish Show Ridden Champion, Elizabeth Butterwork & Forest Gump
• The Scottish Show In Hand Olympia Ticket, Annie Hunt & Ullits Caesar
• Barleyfields EC Ridden Champion, Catriona Henderson & Galatea
• Barleyfields EC In Hand Champion, Jo-Anne Wilson & Lady Babu
• North of England Ridden Champion, Lucy Cook & Millfield Sportsman
• Cheshire County Show In Hand Olympia ticket, Helena Freer & Dickens ll

Tickets for the London International Horse Show are still available, click here for more information and to buy tickets

For more information on the Veteran Horse Showing Society visit and for more information on Dodson & Horrell Ltd go to