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11th December - Dodson & Horrell Continue Sponsorship of the British Showjumping National Amateur & Veteran Championships

British Showjumping is extremely pleased to announce that Dodson & Horrell, Europe’s leading horse feed specialists, have committed to sponsoring the British Showjumping National Amateur & Veteran Championships 2013. This announcement marks Dodson & Horrell’s second year of title sponsorship of this series.

The National Amateur Championships give amateur riders and horses the opportunity to contest an end of year Amateur Final across four different heights of fences. The National Veteran Riders Championships are spilt into minor and major categories. The Dodson & Horrell National Amateur & Veteran Championship Finals 2013 will be held during November/December and the venue will be announced shortly.

The Dodson & Horrell National Amateur & Veteran Champions of 2012, Rowan Ball & Vandora, Gemma Dickens & Oakley’s Ace, Michaela Huntington & Zula Maeva and Norman Proffitt & Patent, all took home not only the Championship trophy, but also a coveted Dodson & Horrell winner’s rug, sash and rosette.

Dodson & Horrell has developed its flagship product, horse feed, using over 70 years of manufacturing experience and the company prides itself on using the latest research and technology to formulate the highest quality horse feed. This title sponsorship gives Dodson & Horrell the opportunity to offer nutritional advice to showjumping members whilst exposing their products to a wider audience.

Maria Clayton, Head of Communications at British Showjumping, said “British Showjumping is thrilled to be able to announce Dodson & Horrell’s continued supported of the National Amateur & Veteran Championships. This year’s Championships proved to be very popular and the series aligns perfectly with Dodson & Horrell and their focus for 2013. We would like to take this opportunity to thank them for their commitment to this series.”

The Dodson & Horrell National Amateur First Rounds are in full swing and riders have until the 31st August 2013 to qualify for the Second Rounds, which will be held during September, October and November 2013.