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19th June - Third Round of the World Series Gundog Championship Proves Competitive

The third round of the Great Wall World Series Gundog Championship took place at the Sussex Game and Country Fair (15th-16th June 2013) in the beautiful grounds of Parham Park. Families and field sports enthusiasts enjoyed the activities and soaked up the atmosphere at one of the south's fastest growing outdoor events.

As associate sponsors of the Great Wall Motor World Series Gundog Championship; Chudleys Dog Food, were on hand with nutritional advice and product samples.  A record number of entrants competed for their place at the final in September and ultimately the chance to drive away with a brand new Great Wall pick-up truck.

Photos from the weekend can be found on the Countryman Fairs Facebook Page and the results were as follows:

Saturday 15th June 2013

Mark ‘n’ Blind

1st C. Richardson and Poppy                 28.49

2nd Steve Bulled and Elton                    28.55

3rd Trevor Linfoot and Bob                    31.85


Double Double

1st J. Wagstaff and Bob                           21.00

2nd S. Bulled and Elton                            38.07

3rd T. Linfoot and Bob                              1.08.37


Short Fence

1st Steve Bulled and Elton                      10.63

2nd P. Singleton and Casey                    10.81

3rd J. Boyle and Yuppy                           10.88


Long Retrieve

1st Steve Bulled and Elton                           13.59

2nd Chris Dearden and Lizzy                       13.67

3rd S. Adson and Bob                                 14.19


Up ‘n’ Over

1st N. Ward and Grace                           10.07

2nd Dan Ward and Mika                          17.77

3rd M. Williams and Angus                      17.90


Novice Retrieve

1st Fred Tomkinson and Mabel             36.91

2nd Trevor Linfoot and Thomas            45.06

3rd Jayne Wagstaff and Tom                45.15


Scurry Qualifiers

Top Labrador     S. Bulled and Elton

Top Spaniel         P. Singleton and Casey


Working Test Labradors

1st John Boyle and Yuppy                    1:13.00

2nd Dan Ward and Mika                       1:17.20

3rd Fred Tomkinson and Lucy              1:17.38


Working Test Spaniels

1st Andrew Lines and Echo


Working Test Qualifiers

Top Labrador     J. Boyle and Yuppy

Top Spaniel       A. Lines and Echo


Junior Championship Qualifiers

1st Ceci Irwin and Moa

2nd Amy Harris and Kite


Sunday 16th June 2013

Mark ‘n’ Blind

1st Willie Wicking and Harvey               33.90

2nd C. Pottinger and Millie                    38.50

3rd Kevin John                                     38.97


Double Double

1st Trevor Linfoot and Thomas            17.86

2nd Ian Brothers and Ollie                  20.30

3rd L. Lavery and Gala                       22.37


Short Fence

1st Willie Wicking and Harvey           11.33

2nd Steve Bulled and Elton               11.57

3rd Chris Richardson and Poppy       12.17

Long Retrieve

1st C. Pottinger and Millie                     12.83

2nd Chris Dearden and Lizzy                 13.04

3rd Steve Bulled and Elton                    15.22


Up ‘n’ Over

1st Ian Brothers and Ollie                   14.96

2nd C. Richardson and Arnie               15.29

3rd Roger Parker and Murphy             15.72


Novice Retrieve

1st Graham Jenner and Miko                 27.81

2nd S. Russell and Quibble                   44.32

3rd T. Mitchell and Merlin                     56.00


Scurry Qualifiers

Top Labrador     Ian Brothers and Ollie

Top Spaniel         C. Richardson and Arnie


Working Test Labradors

1st C. Brailsford and Katie                      1.00.28

2nd Neil Ward and Grace                        1.02.81

3rd Willie Wicking and Harvey                1.08.13


Working Test Spaniels

1st Kevin John and Poppy                      1.07.96

2nd Kevin John and Dillon                      1.14.59

3rd Brody Chequer and Dillon                 1.17.15


Working Test Qualifiers

Top Labrador                       Charlotte Brailsford and Katie  1.00.28

Top Spaniel                         Brody Chequer and Dillon        1.17.15


Junior Championship Qualifiers

1st Jasper Kennedy and Hector

2nd Poppy Turgut and George