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6th December - Christmas comes early for Misty who is new face of Pasture Mix

Christmas has come early this year for Misty, a pony from Derbyshire, who is the new face of Dodson & Horrell’s flagship feed product Pasture Mix triumphing over thousands of horses and ponies who entered the competition.

Misty, a Dun Welsh show pony, belongs to Leah Smedley age 10 from Ilkeston. Leah, who rides at the Cavendish Bridge Equestrian Centre, has been riding ponies since the age of 7 and has owned Misty since October 2012. 

Launched to celebrate 25 years of Pasture Mix, the competition called for horse and pony owners to upload photos of their four-legged friends to a dedicated facebook page with the photos with the most ‘likes’ going through to a shortlist judged by an independent panel.

The panel whittled the shortlist down to three but, unable to decide on the winner, called in the help of Dodson & Horrell managing director John Horrell to pick the new face of Pasture Mix.

Leah was informed of her win by phone, she said: “I think l am still in shock that Misty has won and will be the new face of Pasture Mix, l can’t believe it! I entered the competition at Chatsworth Horse Trials where l met Piggy French on the Dodson & Horrell stand who is one of my idols. The gentleman on the stand gave me a leaflet on the Pasture Mix competition and suggested l enter. Straight away l said to my Mum that Misty is going to win – l just had this really strong feeling that he would and my Mum said so too.

“So when l got the phone call it was incredible, l’m still on cloud nine and have only taken off my Dodson & Horrell jacket because Mum was nagging me to wash it!

“As well as the year’s supply of Pasture Mix, which will be a great help, l am so excited to see Misty’s face on the new bags and will be going to Dodson & Horrell’s manufacturing site in Northamptonshire to see the first bag roll off the production line. It’s a fantastic early Christmas present for me and Misty!”

Leah’s mother Jemma is just as excited, and said: “When Leah was told about the competition at Chatsworth l had a feeling that Misty would win as he’s a stunning pony and he did! I’d like to give a special mention to Leah’s riding instructor Dawn Webster who owns Cavendish Bridge. She’s been amazing with Leah, adapting the way she teaches her and never seeing Leah’s autism as an obstacle.”

Misty has already had a taste of fame, with photographer Nico Morgan doing Misty’s first photo shoot to ensure that perfect shot for the new bag. Images are now with Dodson & Horrell’s design agency and first drafts of the new packaging are expected soon.

Sam Horrell is marketing director at Dodson & Horrell, he said: The ‘New Face of Pasture Mix Competition’ received thousands of entries and we were blown away by the enthusiastic response. 

“The competition proved to be very close with our Managing Director, Mr John Horrell, making the final decision.

“We are delighted to congratulate Leah and Misty and hope they enjoy their fantastic prizes. A BIG thank you to everyone who entered.”