Our History from 1939

Dodson & Horrell - 70 years time line

As a company we are proud of how we have successfully continued to innovate over the course of the decades. Since pioneering the heat treatment cooking process of micronization in the 1970s, we have gone on to to achieve a number of industry firsts.

1939 Founded by Claude Horrell

Founded in Ringstead, Northamptonshire in 1939 by Claude Horrell, Dodson & Horrell has grown to become a respected authority on animal nutrition and Europe’s leading horse feed manufacturer.

1976 Chudleys Brand Formed

The Chudleys brand was born and Chudleys Original became the flagship product. The Chudleys range now incorporates complete dry diets for pet and working dogs, plus a small animal range.

1985 Royal Warrant

Our efforts as a manufacturer of high quality horse feed were rewarded when we were honoured to be granted A Royal Warrant Of Appointment.

1988 Pasture Mix

The first muesli diet specifically formulated for the leisure horse.

1999 Acquisition of Gold Line Pet Products

The company further consolidated its position as a leading animal feed manufacturer, through the acquisition of a sister company Gold Line Pet Products.

2000 QLC (Quality Life Care)

A patented blend of natural plant derived antioxidants systems formulated to support the animals own antioxidant systems and added to many of our horse and dog foods.

2003 A Holistic Approach Towards Canine Nutrition

This year saw the company focus it’s attention towards a more holistic approach to canine nutrition, embracing functional foods to the benefit of our Chudleys diets.

2004 Extruded Horse Feed

Extruded feeds maximize chewing, thus reflecting the horse’s own natural behaviour.

2005 Head Office Relocation

During 2004 a decision was taken to relocate the head office from Ringstead to Islip. This was achieved in May 2005 along with the successful commissioning of a purpose built distribution centre and brand new IT infrastructure.

2005 Veteran QLC

A veteran specific antioxidant package which is incorporated into Sixteen Plus Mix and Cubes.

2006 Royal Warrant

Our Royal Warrant was extended to that of Horse And Dog food Manufacturer to HM Queen Elizabeth II.

2007 New Web Site & Growth System

A groundbreaking new web site was launched, marking the culmination of numerous major projects throughout the company, including the Equi-cal, an equine growth tracking system available to studs and breeders.

2008 New Web Stores were launched

Brand new web stores were launched, offering major lines and hundreds of products from Dodson & Horrell (both Horse and Countryside ranges), Chudleys, Salubrious, Gusto, Autarky and Four Paws – all combined with a major update to the main web sites.